Creating a More Resourceful World

Through our innovative technology and services, we are working to create more insightful utilities, smarter cities and a more resourceful world.

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Internet of Things

See how Martinson Machine is using active intelligence to revolutionize energy resourcefulness, balance renewables, create greater system awareness, and connect the Internet of Things.


Our new technology applies to energy eliminating the lack of knowledge and generating economy and reliability.


Control is mandatory in order to understand, analyze and adjust our energy behavior. We are using the new machines to reduce energy consumption and increase the energy availability.

Smart Energy Markets

energy management solution serves high-density residential markets with intermittent,
unscheduled occupancy, in buildings typically featuring unitary HVAC controls..

  • Hotel Room Energy Management System

    Save energy while delighting your guests.Your guest rooms are vacant up to 70% of the day. Implement a powerful yet simple to use energy management platform featuring highly calibrated occupancy detection.

  • College & University Campus Energy Management

    A typical dorm room is vacant roughly 70% of an average day. Control HVAC and lighting expenses and contribute to your campus sustainability measures by implementing highly calibrated occupancy detection and a powerful energy management platform.

  • Military Base Energy Management

    Soldiers spend the majority of their time away from their barracks. Stop wasting HVAC and lighting expenses on unoccupied spaces. Telkonet’s occupancy-based energy management system controls energy usage, and features a highly secure platform.

  • Multi-Family Housing Energy Management

    Stop wasting energy when no one is home. Take advantage of Telkonet’s occupancy-based HVAC and lighting control and save up to 40% on your utility bills. Our energy management platform allows you to maintain occupant comfort and realize maximum room-by-room energy savings.

  • Assisted Living Energy Management Solutions

    Telkonet's energy management system saves energy, streamlines facilities management and thanks to IoT, helps seniors remain safe and comfortable without being intrusive..

  • RV resorts

    the Automated billing process of each parking stop helps save labor and resources

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