Best energy suppliers for 2022


Electricity and gas are essential services, but that doesn’t mean you should put up with poor service.

Our annual UK energy satisfaction survey covers 16 suppliers in Great Britain. 

It captures the experiences of more than 8,000 energy customers who tell us what they really think of the service they receive. This gives you the inside track on finding the very best energy companies you can rely on and avoiding those you can’t.

As well as rating the traditional big energy suppliers – British Gas, EDF Energy, Eon, SSE and Scottish Power – we also investigate ever growing firms such as Ovo Energy and Octopus Energy and the smaller and medium-sized companies. This includes suppliers such as Utility Warehouse and Shell Energy.

This year, only one energy company impressed us enough to earn our prestigious Which? Recommended Provider award, wowing their customers with top-notch service and delivering against our stringent assessment criteria. This firm is Octopus Energy .

Our league table below reveals the energy winners and losers in Great Britain. If you live in Northern Ireland, see our expert advice on all the Northern Ireland electricity and gas firms instead.

Just want to switch now? Find out which firm best fits your needs by comparing energy providers and their tariffs using our independent energy comparison service Which? Switch. 

Electricity transmission towers

Best energy companies

We’ve included the results from our customer survey, carried out in October 2021, which covers everything from statement clarity to value for money. However, it’s important to note that our survey was put out too early to capture most customer’s experiences if their firm went bust. 

The table also reveals the results from our unique procedures assessment. We use this to compare companies’ approaches to service, including opening hours, accessibility, exit fees and complaints data.

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Best energy suppliers for 2022

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